Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Full-Stack Engineer and our first full-time engineering hire, you will be fully owning the development of our core digital product until additional engineering resources are hired in the future. You will work with the product team, operations team, and other key stakeholders to build out the web application that will support our members and instructors across multiple sites and cities, as well as serve as a leader for new engineers coming on board as we continue to scale out the company.

Our software architecture at this stage will be primarily built using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React and React Native, and Node.JS). You will be a core member of the team bringing to market our first web application product. Our initial product launch will allow our members to have full control of their membership, preferences, and class scheduling online, and as we continue to scale, our digital product will serve to strengthen our member’s connection with each other, their instructors, and their community. You will help integrate our various services into the web application, using several APIs (Stripe, Twilio, etc) to expand the functionality of our platform. You will be just as comfortable getting into the weeds with programming as you will be planning and strategizing around what technology we should use in the future to continue to provide a world-class experience.

About You

  • 3-5 Years Professional Programming Experience

  • As excited about fitness and wellness as you are about building community-oriented consumer software

  • Have used Agile Methodologies to ship quickly, rigorously test hypothesis, collect data, and iterate rapidly

  • Equally comfortable planning long term technology architecture/strategy and maintaining high velocity in short 1-2 week sprints

  • Product and business value oriented - more than just knowing how to build something, you have a keen sense of why something is being built and the value our customer receives from that feature

  • Highly collaborative and communicative

  • Have demonstrable familiarity with React, Node, and MongoDB schema architecture, with a previous project built using the MERN stack

  • Experience architecting software systems for large, highly scalable applications

  • Ability to balance the needs of the business with the execution of the technology, and can think forward several quarters in the future to stay ahead on trends in technology and health/fitness

  • An aptitude and willingness to learn, think creatively, experiment, and test assumptions